It was October 23, 2008 and day 18 of my two months in Laos. I was still pretty sick with not much sleep as usual and didn’t care for breakfast. I only took my medication and went to hide in my room until 9:00 AM when Sidney’s parents brought her over so we can take care of her. Sidney was fond of me already and called my name so I can carry her inside. I decided to test Sidney on whether or not she can remember what I taught her yesterday with moving the 5 gallon bottle water. Sidney passed the test with no problem. Not bad for someone who just turned a year and a half.

Aunt Kian wanted to go to Talat Sao Mall to exchange her bracelet that I gave her for something more conservative so off we went to look for the right store. It was already 10:40 AM when we got to Talat Sao Mall and we needed to be home before noon since Khek will be going to National University of Laos for her classes. There were only two motorbikes at the house and Uncle Khao took one to work while the other is being shared by Khek and Aunt Kian.

I wanted some fruits to eat since I can’t eat much of anything and Aunt Kian bought a kilo of some sort of fruit I have never seen before in my life. We then went to walk around a couple of floors of Talat Sao Mall looking at various Lao textile shops. My baby sister has asked me to buy some Lao silk skirts for her and I wanted to check out the prices and see what are in styles at the moment. Aunt Kian didn’t agree with the prices at the mall and said it’s cheaper to buy outside for the same material and we could check it out another day.