I didn’t sleep much last night and was tossing and didn’t go to sleep until after 4:00 only to be woken up by noises from the neighbors, traffic, roosters, etc a couple of hours later. I was still shaking from last night’s event and didn’t have an appetite for breakfast. I only drank water and gathered few pieces of clothes to fit a tote for the bus ride to Pakse. Bay got a call from her mother in Pakse before noon with a list of things to buy at the market to take back with her. Aunt Phone told Bay to pick up some food at the market for lunch since we didn’t have time to cook and still have to pick up bus tickets for Pakse.

I went with Baby to Gok Pho market a few minutes away from the house on a motorbike. I wanted to get rid of my fear of being on motorbike and riding around Vientiane and also to take some photos of the local market. As soon as we arrived at the market with all the construction going on and I got off the bike and took a couple of steps back, the dirt fell under me and I almost fell into a trench. I was able to hold on to something and saw how fatal it could have been with many sharp metals around. They were digging sewage trench and Bay had the motorbike too close for my comfort. I took a deep breath and was glad to be in one piece and followed Bay into the market.

I didn’t know how much money Aunt Kian gave Bay for the food. I gave Bay $20.00 dollars and asked her to exchange it so we can buy a couple of sets of Pun Pa for lunch. The exchange rate for that day was 1 dollar for 10,000 KIP and Bay got 200,000 KIP which was plenty enough for our lunch. We bought two dozens of Pun Pa Sauce in bottle to take back to Pakse. Bay said they don’t have the same brand at the market in Pakse.