After my visit with Grand-Mama, I went to wake up my cousin Bay. Her mother Aunt Phet told me we needed more fruits like banana for tomorrow. The villagers that were invited for the Morning Almsgiving might not have enough and as host we would have offerings ready for them to take part in the ceremony. Bay took me to Talat Dao Heuang or Pakse New Market for grocery shopping. I asked Bay what Grand-Mama like to eat and can eat comfortably.

I didn’t know if Bay has enough money to additional food since Aunt Phet gave her a fixed amount of money and a list of things to purchase. I gave Bay $20.00 bill and asked her to exchange it so we could buy a couple of dishes for Grand-Mama. She came back and complained about how the lady at the counter only gave her 160,000 KIP rather than 200,000 KIP for the 20 Dollar bill. Somehow the smaller bill doesn’t get full value of 10,000 Kip per 1 Dollar. We bought two kinds of Banh Cuon and a few kilo of mandarin oranges and bananas.