I’ve been thinking about my Grandmother lately. When I was little I was taught the proper names of my grandparents. I had to remember “pou, yar, tha, yaai”. Pou is the father of my father. Yar is the mother of my father. As for my mother’s parents we were used to calling them por tou (Grandfather) and mair tou (Grandmother).

This song makes me cry because I miss my Grandmother so much. I never had a chance to see her before she passed away a fews year ago. It was my goal to visit her upon my graduation. Now I can only look at her pictures and think about the past. At least now and then she would be in my dream and I get to talk to her. Sometimes she would take me to see where she lives in the after life and also to see her mother (my Great Grandmother). I have strange dreams but I think it is a way for my brain to cope with the death of my Grandmother.



  1. Hi Darly, I know how you feel; at least we have memories and photos to remember them by. 🙂

  2. Hi Ginger,

    Yes, that helps a great deal I think. 🙂

  3. Hi Darly,

    It’s funny that you mention this, because I think I have a very similar experience. My Ya passed away suddenly just about two months ago in an accident in Thailand. I was so shocked because I remember talking to her two weeks before on the phone, my first time in 12 years. I told her I’d visit after I graduated and that we’d have a big reunion in Laos. To this day I can’t completely cope with what happened to her. It makes me sad just thinking about it. So I found this video on youtube and I put it on repeat when I miss her. Unfortunately when she visited us in the States I was too young to remember anything (I was about 4) and now I just hear her voice saying “Nyaa dee jai lai laan vaow keu tai suanmone.” I’m so happy you can speak Lao like Tai Suanmone (where my dad is from). It makes me laugh, and its one of the only memories I have of her.

    I’m sorry for posting so much, but sometimes it feels good to talk to someone that understands.

  4. Hi Nong Lee,

    Thank you for sharing such a personal story with me and all the readers out there. I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t tell you how long before you can come to terms with this. As for me I feel so much regrets at times. I too spoke to my Grandmother two weeks before she passed away. She was ill but we didn’t know how serious. I then told my mother that she better apply for her passport so she can go to Laos in an emergency.

    Then three days after my mother applied for her passport, my Grandmother passed away. I had just started my three months on the job training and couldn’t go to Laos for her funeral.

    You are fortunate to have met your Ya. Even if you don’t remember much of her visit, she had a chance to meet you and you had a chance to meet her. Many of my friends, including my own siblings never had a chance to see their grandparents. I find that to be very disturbing. My parents didn’t put the effort to let them know more about themselves and where they came from.

    As for me I had good and bad memories of my Grandmother. Someday when I have more courage I will share her life story with you and the others. Well, the part that I can recall.

    If you look around the site, you’ll see that I have found my Ya last year. I have never known of her existence. I went to Laos to meet her so I won’t live with regret later.

  5. Darly, one of my blogger friends, K tagged me to do “10 random facts about my mom,” It was very emotional for me to write about her, but I’m glad that I did, and my oldest sister loved it. I thought of tagging you next, but it doesn’t have to be your mom; I’m thinking more of your grandmother. I’m sure you have many nice things to share with us about your grandmother; you just have to list 10. 🙂

  6. Hi Nye,

    I read your post and wrote a comment but thought it was too personal and would be better said in an email.

    The strange thing is that I read your post the day after I was thinking of writing about my deceased Grandmother and also about my mother, from bit and pieces of info about them. I thought that I should ask you to write about your mother too by picking an event or a day, or something that she said and make a post about it.

    I’ll do a post about my Grandmother or my mother, or even both after I am done with the Lao postings.

  7. I asked my oldest sister first if it were okay by her to use my mom’s photo and to write about my mom, and she was okay with it. It’s difficult to write about our passed love ones. I’m looking forward to reading your post.

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