I’ve been thinking about my Grandmother lately. When I was little I was taught the proper names of my grandparents. I had to remember “pou, yar, tha, yaai”. Pou is the father of my father. Yar is the mother of my father. As for my mother’s parents we were used to calling them por tou (Grandfather) and mair tou (Grandmother).

This song makes me cry because I miss my Grandmother so much. I never had a chance to see her before she passed away a fews year ago. It was my goal to visit her upon my graduation. Now I can only look at her pictures and think about the past. At least now and then she would be in my dream and I get to talk to her. Sometimes she would take me to see where she lives in the after life and also to see her mother (my Great Grandmother). I have strange dreams but I think it is a way for my brain to cope with the death of my Grandmother.