Buying various sweet treats (Khao Nom; ເຂົ້າໜົມ) at the evening market in Luang Prabang, Laos. We were walking to the Mekong River and saw a group of people gathering around this lady, who was selling her Khao Nom (sweet treat, dessert), and two types of sticky rice (Khao Niao; ເຂົ້າໜຽວ).

lao food sweet treat

steamed cassava cake

lao food sweet treat

sweet treat luang prabang

black sticky rice

We bought a bit of everything and asked her to put the shredded young coconut flakes and brown sugar in a separate banana leaf parcel. That way each of us can add as little or as much of toppings we get tired from shopping at the night market and in the mood for a late night snacks.