Buying sweet coconut cakes (Kanom Krok, Khaonom Kok) at the evening market in Luang Prabang, Laos.

These coconut cakes are made with rice flour, water, coconut milk, and sugar (dairy and gluten-free).

They are delicious when serve hot off the pan with browned and crisp look on the outside, but moist in the center. When visiting Laos, be sure to look for street food vendors selling these sweet coconut cakes and sample them out.


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  1. Sabaidee, Sao Darly. Korb chai for sharing your lovely vdos. Im from NoanBane Geo, Pakse’ Lao married to an Englishman. My husband and the boys enjoyed Lao foods more than Lao people itself 🙂 I am not the best cook when it comes to Asian foods, especially Lao’s. Anyway, your vdos are my life saver. If possible, please post ingredients attach to your vdos as well. The boys and i adored the savory ka nom koke Pakse’ but my husband preferred his dessert. Please drop me an email with the ingredients for both savory and dessert ka nom koke. thank you 🙂

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