Hanging out at Patouxay before a sunset is an experience for a traveler to try out. It’s a good photo opportunity as well as people watching, seeing how the young and old come out for a family photo time or just having a meal or snack at the food stall there.

Patuxai Monument

Patuxai Monument

Patuxai Monument

Patuxai Monument

Patuxai Monument

Patuxai Monument

Patuxai Monument

Patuxai Monument

The next time I am in Laos I will try to go up to the top of Patouxay to watch the sunset. My friend Fong said it’s quite a view and something that I must try so I better do it once.
Here is yours truly at Patouxay during my recent trip to Laos in February of this year.



  1. Konnie Christensen

    Last week I saw Lao Silk dress on your site and really like the design. I can’t find it 2day?? Where do I look?

  2. Hi Konnie,

    Please look under the following tags and see if you can find the one you saw before.





  3. Katie Chanthavongsack

    Hi Sao Darly!
    I couldn’t remember how I found your blog, but i found it…for a long while now.  I bookmarked the website and i find myself returning and reading your blogs.  I find them very fascinating…whether it’s in the Netherlands or in Laos!  I can’t help but wonder if you do tours in Laos.  I’ve been back twice so far, but nothing compared to your trips…I’ve been back to visit family and I love the peaceful ricefields and….I just LOVE Lao in general.  I’m wondering if you give tours:)  My family is in Thakek so LuangPrabang is all fascinating stories to me and would love to go there!!  Thank You for your postings!!

  4. Hi Katie,

    Thank you for your visit and for taking the time to make a comment. I know what you mean about going back and you can’t never get enough of it.

    You just have to go back to experience more of the country, the people and the food. I’ve only been to Thakek bus station on my way to Pakse twice but have never seen the town. I found out earlier this year that my mother’s father is from Thakek. He passed away when she was only a few years old during the war. Who knows we could be related and I wouldn’t know about it.

    I’m happy to know that you like reading my blogs and will keep up with the postings now that I know you are reading on a regular basis. That would be a dream job for me to give tours in Laos next to working there on development projects. I would even do it for free or only for tum maak houng. 🙂

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