Spicy Shrimp Salad ( ລາບກຸ້ງ; Larb Koong, Larb Shrimp, or Laap Koong, Laap Koong) for dinner. This version, the shrimp is fully cooked rather than the raw (dancing shrimp) version that many people in Laos are fond of eating.

lao food - larb koong

lao food larb shrimp

This salad is simple to make. After boiling the shrimp, rinsing in cold water, and drained, lime juice is added and let sit for five minutes. The rest of the seasonings are added with the followings: cooked fermented fish sauce,Maldon sea salt, crushed roasted sticky rice, crushed roasted chili pepper, and chopped fresh chili pepper.

After the shrimp and seasonings are combined, herbs such as mint, coriander (cilantro), shallot, green onion, and sawtooth coriander (Culantro) are added and mixed well before serving.