Sour mango (Mak Muang Som; ໝາກມ່ວງສົ້ມ) and tamarind (Mak Kham; ໝາກຂາມ) with spicy dipping sauce for an afternoon snack in Vientiane, Laos.

Mak Muang Som

The first one is a dried salt dip (Jeow Keua; ແຈ່ວເກືອ), which is simple to make by mixing salt, sugar, chili pepper, MSG, and ground roasted sticky rice together.

Jeow Keua

The second type of dipping sauce is Fermented Fish Dipping Sauce (Jeow Padek Wan; ແຈ່ວປາແດກຫວານ). It is made by combining sugar, salt, MSG, ground roasted sticky rice, and ground roasted chili pepper together.

jeow padek wan


It was a refreshing way to wake up from an afternoon nap with sour fruit and chili dipping sauce.