I’ve been battling this cold/flu for a week now. It’s so like me to get sick not even a month after I came back. I made a list of things to blame myself, just to feel more miserable and think of the ways that I could have taken better care of myself. Then yesterday as I was sitting in the train (on the way to school) and feeling guilty for letting out a cough or two, I noticed the others around me were coughing as well. Later at school, I ran into a girl in the bathroom and we looked at each other because both of us got red spots right below our noses (from blowing our nose too much). After spotting more girls with the same red spot and red faces, at the cafeteria and the computer lab, I realized there is a cold or a flu (out break) going around the country.

How can I escape the flu season and not be another stat? Hmm…that is a good question. I can eat well and exercise and hope for the best. In the meantime I will be sleeping with another onion tonight. Yes, you got that right. I was told of a good remedy for a cold or a flu. You cut up a big fat onion in half pieces. Put one piece one one side of the bed (one a small plate) and the other one on the other side of the bed. Then go to sleep as normal and hope for the magic onion to do its trick.

I started to use the remedy on Saturday night because it was the worst night of the week. I was grasping for air and coughing like crazy. On Sunday I could breath a bit easier. Then by yesterday I woke up feeling more clear and today even much better. I don’t have any cold medicine to take. Going to the doctor here will only get me Paracetamol and an advice to go back in 14 days if I don’t feel better.

Tomorrow I have a date with my dentist. Let’s hope I don’t have a cavity. Time for another pot of green tea.