Sisavath Restaurant is the second one on the right from the waterfall stream at Khone Phapheng. According to my cousin Bay, this restaurant serves the best Lao food of all the ones on the site. My cousin said she and her co-workers would eat there each time they go to Khone Phapheng for a field trip. It must be nice to work in Pakse and be able to do some sight seeing with your co-workers.

The daughter of the owner of the restaurant was busy making a hot batch of Tum Maak Houng.

The owner of the restaurant was very nice and friendly. When we ordered two batches of Lao Green Papaya salad, one hot and one mild, Bay was kind enough to step in the open kitchen and made the mild version for me. When they said mild, it is really hot and spicy to me. It must be hot enough since each bite I took I felt tears running down my face.

There was nothing better than warm sticky rice to go with Lao Green Papaya Salad and Lao BBQ Chicken. Of course we needed something to wash down our food. We ordered Kang Phet Pa or Spicy Fish Soup and it was delicious.

Of course the restaurant has a nice view too. It was worth the long flight to spend such quality time with my relatives. I can’t wait to be there again.