Shrimp lettuce wraps (Phun Kung; ພັນກຸ້ງ; ໝ້ຽງກຸ້ງ) with spicy fish wrap dipping sauce (Jeow Phun Pa; ແຈ່ວພັນປາ) for dinner.

ພັນກຸ້ງ; ໝ້ຽງກຸ້ງ

ພັນກຸ້ງ; ໝ້ຽງກຸ້ງ

It was a quick and easy dinner with cooked shrimps wrap in lettuce, cucumber, tomato, mint, coriander, and a small spoonful of spicy fish wrap dipping sauce.

fish wrap sauce

ພັນກຸ້ງ; ໝ້ຽງກຸ້ງ

Jeow Phun Pa

I don’t know how to make Jeow Phun Pa; ແຈ່ວພັນປາ. Both bottles were bought from two different traders at a local market in Vientiane, Laos.


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