After we got back from our trip to Vang Vieng and Banh Kern, we had to get ready for dinner. My parents were going out to dinner with my aunt, uncle-in-law, and my cousin. As for me I had a date (not romantic date) with Fong. He took me to a Viengsavanh Restaurant, which is famous for fried and fresh spring rolls.


Fried spring rolls and fresh spring rolls

fresh spring rolls

sweet and sour peanut sauce

DJ eating out in Vientiane

Viengsavanh restaurant in Vientiane

I had to be careful in choosing the sauces and went for the one with the least amount of garlic. I didn’t want to be breaking out with rashes and scratching all night long. I was a bit disappointed with the rolls. The fried ones were better than the fresh ones. The fresh spring rolls were all dried out and didn’t taste very good. I only took one bite of it. Even I thought my Spring Rolls were better. Just look at the picture and judge for yourself. No, I am not fishing for a compliment. 🙂