After we got back from our trip to Vang Vieng and Banh Kern, we had to get ready for dinner. My parents were going out to dinner with my aunt, uncle-in-law, and my cousin. As for me I had a date (not romantic date) with Fong. He took me to a Viengsavanh Restaurant, which is famous for fried and fresh spring rolls.


Fried spring rolls and fresh spring rolls

fresh spring rolls

sweet and sour peanut sauce

DJ eating out in Vientiane

Viengsavanh restaurant in Vientiane

I had to be careful in choosing the sauces and went for the one with the least amount of garlic. I didn’t want to be breaking out with rashes and scratching all night long. I was a bit disappointed with the rolls. The fried ones were better than the fresh ones. The fresh spring rolls were all dried out and didn’t taste very good. I only took one bite of it. Even I thought my Spring Rolls were better. Just look at the picture and judge for yourself. No, I am not fishing for a compliment. 🙂



  1. I have a bad habit of looking at photos first before reading, and thought to myself, Darly’s summer rolls looked a lot better than these ones, and here you had to confirm for me.Lol, I thought yours’ might taste better too just by looking. I think I might fix me some this weekend. 😉

    I’ve noticed that you wore jacket a lot in Laos, Is it not hot over there?

  2. Hi Nye,

    Now I have to use nice photos to catch your attention first. 🙂

    Yes, make some this weekend and share the pictures with us.

    When I was in Laos, it was in January and February and at the height of winter season. In Pakse we had to boil water for my mother a few times for her shower during an afternoon. I just went with cold water and didn’t fuss.

    But at my uncle’s place, they get water from an underground stream or something and it was luke warm when freshly pumped.

    I was so cold in Pakse the second time around because I only had that DKNY jacket and left my thin coat in Vientiane. My father said it was warm and he was wrong! Just imagine cold winter nights and morning in Laos if you can remember it and add some breeze. Cold and dry and your skin would crack.

    Don’t forget your lotion when you go to Laos.

  3. I remember, that’s when I’d do it real fast, no telling if I was clean or not. That was the good old days. 🙂

  4. Oh i just love the taste of fresh springrolls.
    Especially when you take a bite and all the flavours in there kind of explode in your mouth!
    There is the sweet, the sour, the salt.

    i love it!

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