Unlike the US, most students here take public transportation to school. I take the train and the bus, when the train is not running. When I get to the campus, I walk, walk and walk. The university doesn’t have one big campus like in the US so you can get from one building to the next easily. Walking from one department to another can easily take half an hour. Try that when it is raining or snowing.

To make life easier, most foreign students would buy a use bicycle. It can range from around 100 Euros to hundreds, depending on what you want. Having a good lock is a must. A Korean classmate’s bike was stolen because she didn’t buy a lock fast enough. Another classmate with a good lock had one of her tires stolen. I guess someone needed a spare tire and decided to borrow one from her and never to return it.

Bicycle shop in Leiden

My new friend and I went to get his bike after the first day of class. It didn’t come with a lock or even a parking gear. The tail light was missing so he needs to update his bicycle a bit. It is a good bike though and I sat there while he peddled to the administration’s building and to the bookstore. What a gentleman.

Of course I didn’t want my new friend to take me back to the train station so I told him I would take a bus instead. But after a few minutes of standing there waiting for the bus, the sun came out and I decided to take a nice long walk back. I like to walk because I can look at things and take my time to take pictures along the way.

Leiden Town Hall area







Leiden Centraal Station



  1. Wow, such a nice town, I thought it’d rain forever over there but I see beautiful clouds. I think most city folks, especially students don’t own car; I didn’t when living in the city, and took the bus and subway to school and work. The city university campus was not together in one location also and you’d to walk several blocks from one to another, it was in 4 different locations but within a walking distance of about 10-15 minutes. That’s what I miss most about the city is the sidewalk.

  2. Leiden is a university town, with lots to do. I’ll take some photos for you when we have the festival on October 3rd. Unless there is rain of course. 😛

    I feel so suffocated when I go home since there are hardly places to walk around like this. You can only do that at the Kansas City Country Club Plaza. Good news is that they are building more open door shopping center. Some said it has something to do with the event of September 11th and people are more willing to spend time with their family and friends and doing things out door and not just getting stuck at the big mall.

  3. We’ve outlet mall in our state, but it’s about 2 hours away from where I live, and I do have to say that I like shopping in big city. When I was living in NYC, my sisters and I would walk from 34th street to Chinatown, if we were to do window-shopping, then it’d take us about 3 to 4 hours, it never bother us to walk, if we took the subway or bus, it’d take us about half an hour. My nephew move to NYC last year and he absolutely loves it, to him, it’s the life.

    I might get to visit you there one of this days, I have an uncle in France.

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