Christmas is almost here. It’s cold and wet but I don’t think we will be getting a white Christmas this year. I don’t mind though and look forward to spring and summer already. When the warm weather gets here I will be hitting the beaches, from north to south. At the top of the list is Scheveningen Beach because I didn’t go there this year. Here are some photos of the beach I took in September of 2003.

Scheveningen Beach


This is the Kurhaus.

Kurhaus, Scheveningen

To the right is the red lighthouse.

Scheveningen Beach

To the left is the Carlton Beach Hotel Scheveningen.

Carlton Beach Hotel Scheveningen

I was told way down there is the nude beach. I don’t think I’ll venture in that direction.

Scheveningen Beach

The weather was not warm enough for sunbathing but was perfect for a stroll on the beach.

Scheveningen Beach

If you are brave enough then you can do the Bungee Jumping at the pier.

Bungee Jumping Scheveningen

Will I ever give it a try? Heck no, not when I go straight down into the water. Then again it is probably safer than going straight down and hit a hard ground?