On Valentine’s Day a week ago Johan bought me a brown leather purse to go with a simple bouquet of flowers. Since I have allergies I am not fond of having flowers around me that will give me a headache for days. The last time Johan bought me flowers I told him that I had to throw them away after a couple of days because I was feeling sick. This time Johan made a good selection because I was not able to smell anything. Then again I was coming down with a flu and can’t smell anything.

I was very happy for the new purse. He must have seen me touching the brown purse last month and thought I wanted to have it. I don’t have any nice purse for going out somewhere nice. I only have two black Kipling purses (5 years old) that are sturdy and not fancy for a nice restaurant. It will go well with my brown booths.

So, did I get him anything for Valentine’s Day? The answer is no, not even a card. I just told him Happy Valentine’s Day and said that the day is more about the women than the men and how the men have to prove themselves and treat the ladies with extra love and care. Since I refused to go out to dinner with Johan because I was feeling too sick to get all dress up and feeling miserable at the restaurant, I made Asian Wraps for dinner and told him when I feel better I will take him out to dinner.

I’m not that thoughtless you know. I had plan to go to the beach on Thursday morning to make a nice drawing on the sand and take a picture of it and then print the design and create a homemade card for him. The idea didn’t become fruitful when I woke up sick and weak. In the end, how you treat one another each day is more important than making a big fuss once a year.