I was able to restored most of the postings at Laocuisine a few weeks ago. I still need to do some touching up like changing the photos so they are all the same size. With the starting of a new school term I told myself today that I will wait till Christmas vacation to redo all the photos at Lao Cuisine site. It is a bit time consuming to find those photos on my external hard drive and resizing them all over again.

Today I thought it would be a good time to try to repost most of the posts here. I just need to post one at a time. Maybe one post per day and eventually will be able to bring back all the posts or as much as possible.

My favorite flower is sunflower and next to that is marigold. I used to grow marigold in our garden in Vientiane. I love marigold so much I grew the flower every spring in the US. Now there is no marigold back home because no one grew it anymore. My mother likes roses so she only plant roses. When I see marigold, I think of hope. Here is to re-planting Saolao.net. 🙂