For our second Thanksgiving dinner, Johan took me to Restaurant Las Palmas. The restaurant was part of a Dutch TV cooking competition show, with winner getting selected as the chef. Viewers across Holland witnessed the construction of the restaurant, from start to finish, as well as steps of the training of the contestants and the cooking show downs to the final two.

Restaurant Las Palmas opened its doors to the public as the biggest seafood restaurant in the Netherlands a few months ago. The restaurant is on the opposite side of the harbor of Zeezout (Sea Salt) that Johan and I went to for last year’s Thanksgiving dinner.

After an appetizer, then it was caviar and champagne to start a meal with oysters to lead the way.

Johan and I took turns sharing what we are thankful for before diving into eight courses of delicious food. It would have been perfect if all my friends and family members could have been there to join us.