We had another rainy afternoon again after lunch. This was the last day of October and it should not be raining after the boat racing festival. The rare event was due to storms in the neighboring countries and Laos was getting by the tail of the storm (what was said on the news). I was anxious about the up and coming Boun That Luang being under water if it continues to rain for days.

For dinner Aunt Kian made Noodle Soup with beef and meat balls. She likes to eat beef and her doctor also required Aunt Kian to eat red meat on a regular basis. Both Aunt Kian and Aunt Phone said it is also good for me to try to sip the liquid from the soup even if I can’t swallow the solid parts real well. This way it will give me strength and I’ll be able to attend Boun That Luang Festival in the coming days.