Dinner on Friday night at Tamarind Restaurant in Luang Prabang, Laos. If you are ever in the World Heritage Town and would like to find out more about Lao Cuisine, then this is one of the many restaurants for you to check out. On Friday night there is a special Pun Pa or Fish Wrap menu that you can join in with other people. There needs to be enough people to book this menu and you can find more about Tamarind Restaurant on their Facebook page.

This was my second time dining at Tamarind Restaurant. I had a great time sharing the Pun Pa with a family of tourists. Our waiter explained things in details about each dishes. We started out with fried Khai Paen served with various Jeow or Lao Dipping Sauce. Then it was time for the main feast, Pun Pa. Dessert consists of tropical fruits, sweet purple sticky rice with shredded coconut and tamarind jam on the side. The portions were large enough and we had some left-over food. My dinning companions were generous and allowed me to take the remaining food home for breakfast the next day.