Having Lettuce Wraps with Cockle (Pun Hoy Kang; ພັນຫອຍແຄງ ) and Tilapia Fish Wrap (Pun Pa Nin; ພັນປານິນ; ໝ້ຽງປານິນ) for lunch in Vientiane, Laos.

ping pa nin

My aunt bought a set of Grilled Tilapia Fish Wrap from Kok Pho Market (Talat Kok Pho) and a couple of kilos of cockle for a lettuce wrap feast.

phan pa nin

phan pa nin

A set of Fish Wrap from a grilled fish stall at the market comes complete with one whole grilled fish, noodles, lettuces, herbs, and spicy dipping sauce.

rice vermicelli noodles

spicy dipping sauce

My aunt had to wash and clean the cockles before steaming them with salt and some type of herb or vegetable.


Cockle Wrap uses the same ingredients for wrapping and sauce and makes a great addition with grilled fish.