Pon Pa Toh for breakfast in Vientiane, Laos. Pon Pa is a Lao Traditional Dish which can be describe as a spicy puree of cooked fish or a dish of pounded cooked fish. This dish uses a whole fish (Pa Toh means whole or entire fish). Pon Pa Toh is made using the same ingredients found in regular Pon Pa like round green eggplants, cloves of garlic, shallots, chilli peppers, green onion, coriander, lemongrass, Galangal root, with salt and fermented fish sauce for seasonings.

The only difference between Pon Pa and Pon Pa Toh is the boiled fish not being pound in a mortar with other ingredients. It is added in the Pon Pa mixture before serving with vegetables and steamed sticky rice. For this morning, my relatives have only Pak Kadao and Pak Katin in the house to go with Pon Pa Toh.