During my time in Pakse I woke up to two songs almost everyday thanks to the neighbor across the street from Aa Tou’s house. This man kept playing these two songs from the early hour until late at night on loud speakers. It was to the point that I couldn’t get the tunes out of my head, even when I was trying to relax in Vang Vieng. I had no idea of the name of the first song. But the second song by Takatan Cholada was playing everywhere I went in Laos. The song kept repeating the phrase “Mai Chai Fan Tum Tan Mai Dai” so it was not difficult to find the name of the song. It is a favorite song of Aa Tou and she kept playing it and singing it as well. It was also on Thai TV constantly and one of those non stop music that everyone I knew kept playing.

I tried my best to locate the song by Earn during my time in Laos but no one could tell me of the name. Of course I could have easily walked across the street to ask that gentleman who kept playing this song its name but I was too shy. Today was my lucky day because I was thinking about posting some nice music to go with the month of February, the month of Valentine’s Day and I ran into Toh Ha Krung Sood Tai from related music while looking on youtube for Takatan’s song.

Earn The Star – Toh Ha Krung Sood Tai (โทรหาครั้งสุดท้าย)

Takatan Cholada – Mai Chai Fan Tum Tan Mai Dai (ไม่ใช่แฟนทำแทนไม่ได้)

Now you have to listen to these two songs and try not to let the tunes stick in your head. You can view the videos in high quality version.