I was having a craving for ping peek kai and spicy salad after looking at food photos from Laos so I bought some chicken wings and made myself a batch of BBQ chicken wings, Lao style of course.

Since I had no one to share my food with it took me three meals just to finish the BBQ chicken wings (four pieces per meal). I didn’t have much green papaya left so I mixed the shredded green papaya with cooked brown rice vermicelli and made som tam to go with the chicken wings. I will make this again when the weather is warmer so I can buy one of those ready to use charcoal grill box and cook the chicken outside. Let’s hope I don’t burn anything down like the last time.

making BBQ chicken wings

making BBQ chicken wings

making BBQ chicken wings

making BBQ chicken wings

papaya and brown rice vermicelli salad

green papaya and noodles salad



  1. This looks all very delicious but isn’ t it very hot and spicy?

  2. Darla, that looks amazing there.  I’m getting really hungry seeing that.  Hope everything is all well for you.

  3. Hi Padek,

    You know how we Khon Lao eat. The food is so good that it makes you cry.

  4. Sabaidee Ai Tui,

    Thanks for stopping by. Ping Kai would be so much better cooking on the grill outside. Electric grill just doesn’t cut it.

    Hope all is well with you and your family as well.

  5. Hey DJ.  Do you have email address anymore?  I was wondering if you’d add a Lao artist to your music site for me if I provide you with their bio.  I don’t know what else you’d need from them, but maybe you can assist me in that?  Email me at laospirit@comcast.net.  Thanks.

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