lunch at waterfalls in laos

Picnic at Khone Phapheng

The weather is rather warm right now in Laos. For those with no air conditioner, there are ways to stay cool besides taking a shower throughout day and night. One of the best way to chill out is making a trip to the river or waterfalls for family picnic.

waterfalls laos

waterfall in laos

waterfalls in laos

For those living in Pakse, Laos, a day trip to Khone Phapheng Waterfalls to cool down is a favorite activity. There are a few good spots to settle down with stunning views.

picnic in laos

lao food at khone phapheng

waterfall in laos

waterfalls in laos

waterfalls in laos

It’s a good life with good food like Tam Mak Hoong (Lao green papaya salad), Ping Kai (grilled chicken), and Khao Niao (sticky rice), and other snacks to keep the stomach full and happy. Then afterward, there is chilling in the cool water with BeerLao for some of the relatives.

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