Life in Laos is so much slower than in the Western countries. There is no rush during lunch break and for some people, there is even time for a game of Petonk.

This game is quite popular in Laos and even school boys know how to play the game. I see more people playing this game in the rural area of Laos than Vientiane.

Perhaps there is not enough space or time to allow the game with people rushing home during lunch time in Vientiane to have a meal and a shower before heading back to the office. But in Luang Prabang, time seems to move at a slower pace than in Vientiane.

This is what I missed most about Laos, the slower pace of life and taking the time to enjoy your meal and not spending your day behind a cubicle. Khoy Phen Khoy Pai is a nice way to live life I think.