After spending enough time taking photos of Vientiane from the top of Patouxay Monument, it was time to get down to the ground and enjoy the view of the Patouxay Fountain.

It was 10:30 AM and more Thai tourists were coming by the bus load. I was getting too tired and ready to go home for some rest and more medication.



  1. I read your blogs, on and off, and your pictures and stories always makes me want to go visit where my parents came from! Thanks for posting… I enjoy them alot!!

  2. Sabaidee Chan,

    Thank you for your visit. I hope you can visit Laos even for just one time so you can trace your parents’ path. This was my second time in Laos and I hope to go to Laos again with my parents next year.

    I have plenty more photos and stories to share so stay around.

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