I was brave enough to try one spoon of Duck Blood Salad, made by my relatives in Vientiane, Laos. But, let’s face it, trying a bite or two and having to eat the dish for a meal was not for me.

So, I made my favorite Lao food dish, which is no other than Tum Maak Houng for lunch. I bought a few packages of Luang Prabang’s finest deep fried mushroom back with me to Vientiane, just to eat it with Lao green papaya salad.
Shredded Green Papaya

Making Papaya Salad

Making Papaya Salad

Making Papaya Salad

Making Papaya Salad

I found out during my trip to Luang Prabang in February of 2010 how delicious the mushroom was when served with green papaya salad. My Luang Prabang friends prefer to have the fried mushroom with their Beerlao.

Papaya Salad and Fried Mushroom

Luang Prabang Fried Mushroom

One of the relatives make a living by selling Som Moo or Lao soured pork sausage. She made a few Som Moo and brought them as gift. One never go empty handed when visiting someone in Laos is the norm. I tried a couple of pieces of the soured pork sausage and it was quite good.

Som Moo

Som Moo

Papaya Salad, Som Moo, Fried Mushroom

The next time I am in Vientiane, I’ll ask her to make some for me. I don’t normally eat pork here but when I go to Laos or to the US, I will eat Som Moo now and then with the relatives.



  1. Darly, this looks soo yummy! I love the papaya  salad with sticky rice! ALSO I used to love to eat Nam Som! MMMMM bring back fond memories!
    (I stop eating meat now) but I still enjoy many Lao foods!

  2. Thank you, Ginai. I made the papaya salad without garlic, MSG, and padek. I used shrimp paste and fish sauce (nam pa) and salt. Yes, there are plenty of Lao dishes with no meat or fish, just need to mix and match and experiment that’s all.

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