After breakfast I went for a long walk around Luang Prabang. It was another warm April day and I took my time going from street to street, taking photos and videos along the way and ended up at a Post Office Shop next to the radio station. I was busy buying postcards and sending some photos of myself that I took during Lao New Year celebration to my Mama in the USA. I don’t wear a watch and didn’t even know it was lunch time until I saw parents picking up their children from school and students on their bicycles heading home. It was a signal for me to walk home for lunch.

Lao Food

It took easily 20 minutes to walk home from where I was and by the time I arrived, the others were finished with their meal and getting ready to go back to school and work. Grandmother said she told the cook to set aside some food for me. For lunch today it was Orm Padek, Bamboo Shoot Soup, made the Tai Lue way, and cooked vegetables with sticky rice.

I have never eaten Orm Padek before so it was quite a treat and to have tasted bamboo shoot soup in a different way was quite an experience as well. I was grateful for the free food as always and spent a couple of hours talking to Grandmother before we both went to our separate rooms to take an afternoon nap. Life is good when you are on a vacation. 🙂