When Mair Mit and I returned from Sikhay Market, we put the food away and went straight to Gok Pho market. We didn’t walk there this time because everyone would be home for lunch.

In Laos many students and workers would go home during lunch time because it’s more economical. It’s also a good idea when the weather is too warm so you can take a shower and change into a new set of clothes. There are not too many offices or schools that have AC in Laos.

I ordered my own version of Lao Green Papaya Salad (Tam Mak Hoong ຕໍາໝາກຫຸ່ງ) without garlic to go with Ping Kai (ປີ້ງໄກ່) or Grilled Chicken. The lady selling the salad has a big container of cooked crabs and she added plenty of them in my Tum Mak Houng.