While I was taking photos of the Elephant Parade Rotterdam at Kop van Zuid last Sunday, a ship was heading to the docking area. Four sailors were waving at me and yelling “over here, over here” trying to get my attention. I though it was polite that I should wave back at them and then went on my business, taking more pictures of the elephants.

As I stood there between the elephants I heard them screaming something at me. I didn’t quite understand what they were saying so I walked toward Johan who was walking my way and asked what those men were saying. Since Johan was standing near the pier he was able to pick up the phrase “number 6 and fried rice” coming from the men just for me. Of course when they saw me talking to Johan, the sailors went silent. Later when the ship docked, the men were quietly working and didn’t even look my way.

Port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam

I thought it was amusing that they thought I was Chinese and to associated me with a Chinese menu. I must have look just like any other Asians and therefore Chinese in their eyes. They were not Dutch sailors and it doesn’t really matter what country they came from. I can just easily call them a bunch of farangs since all farangs look the same?



  1. The view from the water is beautiful, I’d give anything to live near the water, I kinda miss that. Number 6 and Fried Rice, not my favorite, I like Number 27, chicken with garlic sauce.   🙂

  2. I’ll enjoy the view for you for the time being. To be honest I don’t even know what number 6 is. Is it from a universal menu? I do like Dim Sum lately and also fried noodles with shrimps. I have been eating that three times already in the last two months.

  3. I don’t think that’s something that you could do for me, but thanks for the photos.

    I’m not sure about Number 6, I don’t think there’s a universal menu, must be from a movie or something.

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