Local Mixed Desserts (Nam Varn Ruam; ນ້ຳຫວານລວມ) for dessert after dinner in Vientiane, Laos.

I went to Talat Khua Din (Khua Din Market) in the morning and bought a few bags of Nam Varn to mix them up later for dessert.

mixed dessert

After a few hours of storing the dessert in the refrigerator, it is cold enough for me and doesn’t need the ice cubes to be added to the bowl.

nam varn

This is one of my favorite dessert to have when I go in Laos. The smell of coconut milk (Nam Kati) and caramelized sugar is so intoxicating. With each spoonful, it gives a new meaning to “Home Sweet Home” and for me to go back for more.