After my visit to the National Library of Laos, I decided to walk around Nam Phu area and went to Joma Bakery Cafe for a nice glass of Lao ice coffee. Then it was more walking to kill sometime until my aunt came by to pick me up for some shopping at the Talat Sao or Morning Market.

At the four ways intersection, you can catch a Tuk Tuk easily.

Nam Phu Fountain area

The Vientiane Times Newspaper office and also other Lao Newspaper headquarters.

Vientiane Times Times Newspaper office

Nam Phou Fountain

Nam Phu Fountain

Nam Phou Fountain

Nam Phou Fountain

There is an Italian Restaurant next to the Nam Phu Fountain. It is on the right side of the fountain from the main street. I guess it must be one of the few Italian restaurants in Laos.

Italian Restaurant in Vientiane, Laos

Across the street from the Nam Phu Fountain is the National Library of Laos.

National Library of Laos