I ate a great deal of mussels last week. I even tried making Or Hoy Ga Pong or Mussels Stew using many of the ingredients that would normally be in a typical Lao Stew. It was not a waste of an experiment and I would attempt again in the future when I can find more herbs that are essentials to this dish.

I also made spicy dipping sauce for Mussels Stew to give the extra kick for the meal.



  1. What ingredients did you use? My husband is Lao and LOVES seafood, I’d love to make this for him. I see coconut milk? Lime leaf? Chili’s? What else?


  2. Hi Niki,

    It’s an experiment using ingredients for a typical Lao stew. I grounded up garlic, shallot, green onion, lemongrass, Lao galangal, and sweet onion. I then cooked the ingredients in two spoon of olive oil, then added kaffir lime leaves, chili pepper, and green pea aubergine, and seaon with salt and fish sauce. What you saw as coconut milk is actually sticky rice that has been soaking in water for a few hours and then pounded using mortar and pestle and added some water before adding it the the pan. It’s called “Khao Beur” in Lao language. When this mixture of rice is cooked, then mussels is added for a few minutes.

    I’m not very good at providing instructions but I hope this gives you an idea of how it’s done.

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