1. I just came back from General Post Office (Vientiane) and I bought a set of the Vientiane 450 years Anniversary stamp & souvenia sheet.

    Too bad they do not serve for ‘Standing Account’ like what most countries does. I managed to get few old sets of old Laos stamps and FDC back in the 1980s where they put out to sell at the counter.

    Oh yeah, if u also collecting Laos bank notes, the recent commemorative issue of 100,000Kips notes is worth of collecting (http://i56.tinypic.com/154aoux.jpg)


  2. Hi CK Leong,

    I didn’t even visit the General Post Office in Vientiane since I didn’t have enough time but happy to know about the 450 Years Anniversary stamp and souvenir sheet.

    The Lao Post is changing and who knows within a few years we will be able to reserve Lao Stamps and Sheets on an annual basis.

  3. If Laos govt wants to make Muay Lao to the market, it needs to differentiate Muay Lao from Muay Thai.

    People’s brain cann’t handle 2 brands under similar features.

    Muay Thai has already taken some slot in people’s brain and make it associated with the word “Muay Thai” or even the word “Kickboxing”

    When people think of those 2 words, they think of Thailand (or Siam); when they see something similar to Muay Thai or Kickboxing, they think to nothing but Thailand.

    What does it mean? It means Thailand already own the word “Muay XXX” and it won’t work if Laos want to market it under the name “Muay Lao”

    You need to find some new name without the word “Muay”, something people can associate with Laos.
    And it even better if Lao can modify Muay Lao a bit so that it look differently from Muay Thai or Kickboxing, for example, changing boxing equipments, clothes etc.

    This is not to discuss who invent what, it’s marketing things and how business works, ok?

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