The saga of my two months in Laos continues with day 9th on October 14, 2008. It was the day of Boun Ok Phansa, a time for the villagers at Ban Houaylao and elsewhere to come together and celebrate the end of the Buddhist Lent. We got up extra early in the morning and prepared for the Morning Alms Giving. Uncle Khao and Aunt Phone would attend the Morning Alms Giving at Wat Phonsikhay and to make a visit to the Tad of Aunt Phone’s parents afterward.

As for me I attended the Morning Alms Giving with Aunt Pik and Tou Ya Nou Khao who was already staying at the wat. It was a beautiful day and a perfect day to tum boun for the Buddhist faithfuls. After the Morning Alms Giving, it was time for a communal meal and checking out the prize won by Taharn Champassak Boat Team at the Champassak Boat Racing Festival the day before.