steamed bamboo shoot

Mok Nor Mai in Pakse

My two aunts in Pakse, Aunt Phet and Aunt Nuan live next to each other. Like most Lao people, they cook three meals a day and do their grocery shopping a few times a week. They do have refrigerator but its main purpose is to store bottle water and left-over food from lunch or dinner. At Aunt Phet’s house, lunch or dinner is always made from scratch.

Lao Food

Lao Food

Lao Food

Lao Food

Lao Food

For this particular evening Aunt Phet made Mok Nor Mai (ໝົກໜໍ່ໄມ້), which is Lao steamed sliced bamboo shoot wrap in banana leaf.

Mok Nor Mai was eaten with freshly made steamed sticky rice and with jeow or Lao dipping sauce.


  1. please teach me how to make bamboo shoot wrap in banana leaf ? what should I need list ?

  2. Please see this Video Recipe on how to make Mok Nor Mai.

  3. thank you so much and I really love it awesome !

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