Live broadcast of Miss Laos 2011 Beauty Pageant on Lao Star Channel. I sat through the entire program and ate a bowl of Pho for lunch a few minutes before the show started. My cousins were there at Don Chan Palace for the live viewing experience.

If you can’t sit still to watch the entire show to find out who Miss Laos 2011 is, then I don’t mind telling you that it’s no other than M14, Miss Thidalad Vongsili.

Thidalad Vongsili



  1. Roxana Phasavath

    Hello, I’ve been following you on facebook posts and was wondering if you knew of a laotian singer that passed away back in 1990’s. I believe her name is Chenthila. I may be spelling her name wrong. She is a folk singer and I’m not sure where exactly to find old pictures of her or her music. If you know of anywhere that ma help lease let me know. By the way I love your food blogs! 🙂

  2. Hello, Roxana,

    I have not heard of Chenthila but will ask some people in Laos and in the US if they have any information about her music or a photo of her.

  3. ok thank you!!

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