Every now and then I treat myself to a piece of Koekela chocolate truffle cake with either a cup of cappuccino or green tea. This time the waiter made a mistake and rather than giving me the usual green tea, he made me a fresh mint tea with honey to go with it. It was a welcoming mistake and gave me a bit of inspiration to create my own home version of the tea.

The funny thing was that I saw a man delivering a bunch of mint wrapped in a white paper and I was wondering what he was doing there. A few minutes later I saw my tea withe the fresh mint that was delivered by the man from the produce store. What a service!



  1. Sabaidee Darly,
         the koekela carrot cake makes me drools.. I love carrot cake in general with rich, thick frosting but your picture made the cake even more appatizing.   I was wondering in your “usually” cold weather, what kind of lao vegetable grow well in those climate.   thanks.. I’ll check in when I can  I love to read about lao cook , lao chef  and I love to eat lao food.

    hak hpaang

  2. Sabaidee The Lao,

    If you are ever in Rotterdam, then make sure to visit Koekela. From having eaten enough carrot cake in the US I can really say this is the best one I’ve tasted so far. We have green house here so pretty much anything can grow under the right temperature. Land is limited so tiny backyard is used for mostly flowers and plants as decorations and gathering space.

    I buy all of my herbs and vegetables like back home in China town. The shipment comes twice a week from Bangkok.

    Thank you for your visit and I’ll post more of my Lao food experience for you to look at even if you can’t eat it.

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