My second dinner in Luang Prabang with Minced Beef Salad (Larb Sien, Laap Sien, ລາບຊີ້ນ) Beef Soup, Bamboo Shoot Soup and Or Lam with warm sticky rice and Lao tea. I bought the Bamboo Shoot Soup and Or Lam at the Morning Market in Luang Prabang and re-heated for dinner.

Dinner in Luang Prabang

lao stew

bamboo shoot soup

minced beef salad

beef soup

Right before dinner time I walked on the street along the Mekong River and found the restaurant that makes really good Larb Sien (Larb Beef). I’ve eaten the Minced Beef Salad from this restaurant twice during my visit to Luang Prabang in October/November of 2010.

There were three of us and we couldn’t even eat everything on the table.