Minced Beef Salad for lunch in Vientiane, Laos before my flight from Wattay International Airport to Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport in Bangkok, Thailand for a connecting flight to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdams, The Netherlands. I had four hours before my flight and since it was a working day it would be better to just buy some food for lunch so I can share a meal with my relatives before going to the airport. My Aunt Kiane and I went to Gok Pho Market in Vientiane, Laos and order some Minced Beef Salad or Laap Sien and Beef Soup for lunch.

I’m not a big fan of beef but Laap is meant to bring good luck and fortune and my relatives thought it would be a good meal to have before my flight. It might sound silly but I was not the one to fight with a Lao traditional belief and that plate of Minced Beef Salad or Laap Sien was delicious and my flight was smooth and I arrived at “my home away from home” safe and sound.