Having Miang Muang Luang ( ໝ້ຽງເມືອງຫລວງ ) for lunch in Vientiane, Laos. My two aunts were too busy to make the dish from scratch so I bought a few packages of the Miang from a street food vendor at That Luang Market (Talat That Luang) to share with everyone at my aunt’s house.

Lao Food

I have an aunt in Pakse who always make Miang Muang Luang from scratch rather than buying it from the local market. She told me how she doesn’t like how some food vendors making the dish using rice flour.

Lao Food

My aunt would make Miang Muang Luang the traditional way by drying the left-over sticky rice, then frying the rice cracker before grinding it for use in the miang.

All my three aunts gave me instructions on how to make Miang Muang Luang over the phone. I tried my best to follow their instructions but the dish didn’t turn out as good as I could buy it in Laos. I need more practices to get it right.


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