On the third day of my arrival in Laos, I was visiting my Grand-Mama in Pakse and helping with Boun Loy Vanh for my Grand-Papa. After a few hours of visiting with the relatives my cousin, Bay and I went to Pakse market for some grocery shopping.

We arrived at the side entrance and went straight to the meat stalls. Bay asked one of the stall owner to grind a few kilo of shallots for us. These meat stalls have food processors and charge a small fee for grinding onions, shallots, and other ingredients.

I am going to take a guess this is cow bile and something else. Nothing goes to waste as you can see.

Not much has changed at this type of open market. People are still selling meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, the way they used to do it 10 or 20 years ago. It might be uncommon for people in the western world to see their beef just sitting there on a counter with no cover and flies dancing around. However, There is no fly on this one because I waved them away.