When I was in Laos last month, there were plenty of Marian Plum (Bouea macrophylla, gandaria, plum mango) at the market in Luang Prabang and in Vientiane. I haven’t eaten Marian Plum since 2010 so it was quite a treat for me to find them in season.

Bouea macrophylla

In the Lao language, this fruit is known as Mak Phang (ໝາກຜາງ) and in Thai language as Maprang (ມະປຣາງ; มะปราง). There are two types of Marian Plum, one is sweet and the other is sour.



What to do with sour Marian Plum? I like to eat it with chili dipping sauce (ແຈ່ວປາແດກຫວານ) as snack. The sauce is made by combining fermented fish sauce (Padaek), sugar, chopped chili pepper, crushed roasted sticky rice, and sliced shallot.