My two aunts in Vientiane like to eat beef, especially in the form of Laap Sien or Lao Minced Beef Salad the traditional way, using parts that many of us in the western countries might think twice and still hesitant to put on our plate.

Like most Lao households, they cook three meals a day on a daily starting with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For lunch on this particular day, it was Laap Sien or Minced Beef Salad with beef soup, served with fresh herbs and vegetables, and plenty of steamed sticky rice.

larb beef

lao food

lao food

lao food

If you are interested making this version of Larb Sien. Please check out the video above on how to make Larb Sien (Larb Beef or Laap Beef) by my aunt in Lao language (ວິທີເຮັດລາບຊີ້ນງົວໃສ່ເພັ້ຍ), using Phia (cow intestinal juice) and leaving out lime juice in the Larb.


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