We left Ban Dannavieng in good spirit and headed back toward Ban Paling to visit Aao Khao’s relatives. I was eager to say the least to be in the middle of the rice paddies and was taking lots of pics and making clips until I ran out of 8GB SDHC memory card. The last time I saw something like this was during the harvesting season before we left Laos after Boun That Luang.

It was so warm that afternoon but I had so much fun and the best part was being able to witness a mother water buffalo giving milk to her baby buffalo. I have never seen such a thing before and felt like I was intruding on their mother and baby moment. Since I told my relatives about Nye Noona’s water buffalo in Thailand and how I want to take pictures of buffalo when I see one to show her just in case she doesn’t get a chance to be near one, my relatives were more than happy to point out any water buffalo that came along the way to me.

Last photo before I used up 8GB for the day. No, I was not on a mission, unless it’s a mission for ping kai and tum maak houng, LOL.