After some shopping and checking out every floors at the Talat Sao Mall with my relatives, we were tired and hungry and decided to check out Talat Sao Food Court.

It was almost noon when we entered the Mall Food Court. With so many food stalls offering Lao Food, Thai Food, Vietnamese Food, and other cuisines from around the region and the world like hamburger and pizza, we decided to have lunch there.

My aunts ordered Khao Poon Nam Jeow while I ordered some Fresh Spring Rolls with sweet and sour peanut dipping sauce.

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One of my aunts thought I might not have enough food to eat and ordered a bowl of Khao Poon Nam Jeow for me too. It was too much food for one person to eat. I tasted a couple of spoons of the noodle soup and asked the waitress to put the rest of the food in a take home box. It would be a good meal of snack later.