I was not sure if I should post about my crazy dreams anymore but I like to keep track of it and doesn’t mind having the post being seen by others. Some of my dreams are so strange and yet wonderful and exciting at the same time. I don’t have the time to read a book about dream nor care about finding interpretation but it’s nice to take the time to write down some good dreams.

A couple of weeks ago I had a dream about my grandmother. I have not seen her for a few months now. She came to me on April 10, 2008, right before Lao New Year celebration in Laos. In my dream, she was dressed in full Lao traditional custom with a beautiful silk Lao skirt (sinh) and a rose/aubergine blouse. Her hair was up in a traditional bun and she had a beautiful rosy flower, tucked on her right ear. I saw her as I was standing in a crowded place and she stood on the right side of what appeared to me was some sort of park. She pointed to the sky and I saw number what I thought was 8 being written in the sky in grey/silver color. I said to myself that it doesn’t mean anything because it is not a red color.

I later walked toward her and started to talk to her. I said to my grandmother: Mair Thou, what are you trying to tell me? This is not a red number. It doesn’t make any sense to me. My grandmother raises her index finger on my lips and said “shhh”. She then draws number 0 and then another 0 right in front of my eyes. I thought to myself about what to make of the zero numbers. I thought perhaps she was trying to tell me that I didn’t see the number 8 but rather a 0 and then had to tell me twice.

I then gave my grandmother a hug and a kiss. She asked me why didn’t I go live with her. She told me that she waited for me for so long but I never showed up. At the moment I knew she meant going to live with her meant that I will be going to the after life and not be able to come back. I said to my grandmother: Mai Thou, if you miss me you can come visit me anytime you want in my dream and come talk to me and I will listen to you and be happy to see you. I can’t go with you yet because I want to live out my life for as long as I could. She smiles and strokes hair. I felt so warm and my heart was beating with such sensation that is difficult to describe. I then woke up and tried to hold on to that warmth sensation.

By Sunday, 13th of April I called my relatives in Vientiane and told them about my dream. I told them I don’t know what it meant and whether or not if my grandmother was trying to give me the lottery numbers. An aunt told me a female number is 4 or 6 being an old person. For a dead person, it is 00. So a few of my relatives bought the lottery number of 400 and 600. Then on April 16, the winning lottery number was 800. My relatives were happy but were also a bit upset that they didn’t read my dream right but still they won some money for having the last two numbers.

Of course I don’t buy lottery numbers because my relatives said it is not in my place to do so. I can only receive the numbers and tell other people to play the numbers but it is against the rule for me to play the numbers myself and I won’t win if I do buy the numbers.

So, there you have it. Another weird and strange dream that I don’t quite know how to pay attention to. If I did, then the relatives would have won more money. But I am happy though that I told my relatives about my dream. I have been dreaming of so many numbers in the past few months but to me they were useless since they were mostly three sets of number. What the heck am I going to do with that? I can’t buy lottery over here either even if I want to play. Perhaps my duty is to just pass on the numbers.

I’m just happy to see my grandmother again. I thought she came to see me because of Lao New Year and to check on me. I later found out last Friday that my aunt went to Laos for two week to have a Tad built for my grandmother and relocated to the temple, along with my grandmother’s Tad. Their ashes were kept on the family ground by this aunt and that is a taboo. I am not a Buddhist but my grandmother is a devout Buddhist and if her spirit is at peace, maybe she was communicating to me and trying to help me. But I am not a good listener at times, especially when I am so happy and just want to talk to her. I will learn to keep my mouth shut the next time I see my grandmother again in a dream.