Nam Varn Lod Chong or Green Pandan Noodle with Coconut Milk is my favorite dessert. I just love the aroma of pandan leaves, the fresh coconut milk and the palm sugar syrup. As a little kid I could never get enough of this dessert and would look forward to going to the local market with my mother so I can help her carry grocery. Now and then I would get a chance to order narm varn lod chong.

It’s more difficult to find narm varn lod chong or lod chong nam ka ti in the US. Even the local Lao and Thai market doesn’t even sell it at times. Luckily we have a cousin that knows how to make this famous dessert. When there is a special occasion we would make an order to have narm varn lod chong deliver to our house. It’s a guaranteed as a big hit at a gathering for the kids and the adults.