Living by the beach

I took a break from the elephant hunt and went to the beach for some fresh air. Last year when I went to Hoek van Holland beach, there was a big construction and not a pretty sight to see. Now a year later, these apartments are full and by the look of them I wouldn’t mind living on the top floor. It would be a great view from there. A second option would be one of these houses. I can see myself walking to the beach when it is not raining. If only Laos would have a piece of the ocean.

Hoek van Holland housing

Hoek van Holland housing

Hoek van Holland housing

Hoek van Holland housing


  1. They look somewhat odd, especially the ones with something that look like sticks on the bottom. lol. I guess I wouldn’t mind living in one. 🙂

  2. Dutch buildings are interesting. The laws here are not as strict as in the US so you get to see some bold design now and then.

    For some reason the building on the sticks reminded me of houses in Laos, except for more modern design and the elevator.

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